The Rationales @ Cuisine en Locale 9.4.2015

Here are four things The Rationales had me thinking about after their recent set at Cuisine en Locale:

  • Just because everyone always says it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say it more: The Rationales have some fantastic songs.
  • Dave Mirabella commenting that bandmate Chad Raleigh dressed as Han Solo AND Chewbacca was the best of the many Star Wars references in the ballroom that evening.
  • The Rationales covered a Wilco song for the first time!* Picking my favorite, “I’m Always In Love,” was a wise decision.
  • Speaking of decisions, sometimes bad ones are good ones. Just look at the “Drunk!” crowd-participation backing vocals encouraged on “Drunk All The Time.” Terrible decision. Wonderful outcome.

* Shocking!

3/4 Of Scamper @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 12.23.2014

Look, I’m not trying to take credit* for 3/4 of Scamper kicking off this year’s TT’s Holiday Party,** but I seem to recall a little Poster & Photo Show where these guys dusted off their power-popping pants for a trip down synchronized-jumping lane. What I can’t take credit for is their masterful morphing of “Sohpie” into “Santa” and a gut-punch rendition of Brendan Boogie’s “Cigarette.”

* Blame.

** Yes, I am.

Announcing The Daykamp Poster & Photo Shows!


We’re putting on a a couple of shows with rock bands, photos and posters at TT’s in October! It’s going to be more awesome than we can put into words. That’s why we had Richard Bouchard do it for us! Here’s a special guest post from the Indie Rock Ranger with the details…

When I was first hired to do booking at TT the Bear’s Place, one of the first things I wanted to do was set up a show with Nicole and Johnny Anguish of Daykamp Creative and Daykamp Music, respectively. I’ve been hiring Nicole to create show posters since back in the Boston Band Crush days, usually giving her no guidance other than the list of bands and the date of the show. She always delivers an incredibly eye-catching, colorful design that doesn’t just provide information; it’s something I want to hang on my wall forever. Then there’s Johnny, always front and center for a rock show before posting amazing photo recaps on his Daykamp Music website. They tirelessly support the music community here, and knowing that I wasn’t the only one to feel that way, I felt that it was high time they present a show. Not just any show, mind you, I wanted them to pick the bands – artists they’ve worked with over the years and bands they’re longtime fans of – but I also wanted to display their work in the club for everyone to see. After some brief discussion, Nicole emailed me back: “We’re thinking we need to do two nights…”
Here’s what they came up with:

Thursday 10/10
(Tickets | Facebook Event)

Friday 10/18
(Tickets | Facebook Event)

Two night pass:

Posters and photos from the Daykamp empire will be on display for the entire week between shows.

– Richard Bouchard