SPF 5000 @ Radio 11.27.2012

SPF 5000 displayed some seriously impressive musicianship during their set for Anngelle Wood’s Lounge Act show at Radio. They kept a smoldering groove going for the late night crowd.

Goddamn Glenn & The Parlour Bells Players @ Radio 11.27.2012

Parlour Bells are a natural fit for a lounge themed show. They’ve always had a swanky vibe. Reborn as Goddamn Glenn & The Parlour Bells Players, the band passionately embraced Anngelle Wood’s Lounge Act show at Radio. They stripped back the songs and rebuilt them with a red velvet touch. Magen Tracy and Nate Leavitt stepped out and nailed the noir-tinged sound while Brendan Boogie and Paul Myers kept things buttoned down behind them. Frequent Parlour Bells collaborator Joel Edinberg added some drama on the sax. The mood was set for Goddamn Glenn to do his thing. This may have been the finest performance of Glenn DiBenedetto’s career. He crooned. He swooned. He sat down with the ladies. It was a great reminder that even high expectations can be exceeded when you take the time to mix a mid-song martini.

The Globe Bar is open.

Video from this show:

Ruby Rose Fox @ Radio 11.27.2012

Lounge Act was a swanky night that Anngelle Wood put together at Radio. Ruby Rose Fox got the evening started amid red curtains and candlelit tables. Her voice wove through reworked originals and well chosen covers to set the mood. Listening to Ruby sing “Watching The Detectives” was worth the price of admission. Mesmerizing.