“Two Boston Music Awards Nominations” And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Type

The 2015 Boston Music Awards nominees were announced yesterday afternoon. For the second year in a row, this here site has been nominated in the “Best Music Blog” category. Daykamp Music is once again quite giddy to be in the company of Allston Pudding, Boston Hassle, Guestlisted with Jed Gottlieb and Vanyaland.

In a most welcome twist, The Boston Music Awards added a “Best Live Music Photographer” category for 2015. Johnny Anguish, the guy that does this whole Daykamp Music thing, is also nominated in that category. He’s pleased as punch to be able to type that sentence about himself in the third person. With so many talented folks shooting shows around town, this is pretty special.

So, if enjoy looking at black & white pictures of local folks doing what they love and marginally literate writings about music, please consider voting for Johnny Anguish and Daykamp Music. If not, plenty of other worthy folks could use your support. The amount is talent in this town is ridiculous. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Here’s the link to vote.