Announcing The 2015 Daykamp Poster & Photo Show with The Sheila Divine, Sidewalk Driver and Weakened Friends!

Daykamp Poster Photo Show

Hey, does anyone remember when we did this? That was fun. It was so much fun, we’ve been wanting to do it again. We’ve just been waiting for the right time. And waiting. And waiting. And wait… it’s time! Now we’re doing this!

On November 25th we’ll be hanging out at The Sinclair with The Sheila Divine, Sidewalk Driver and Weakened Friends. Read that lineup again. I still can’t believe we suckered these bands into playing these bands agree to play the show. To make the night even more special, Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative will be hanging up her poster art and I’ll be displaying prints of some of the photos I can’t seem to stop taking. We’ll even have some stuff for sale if you want to turn your home into an art gallery for people obsessed with the Boston music scene.

Now, imagine all of that goodness and top it off with the fact that this show will also serve as the release show for The Morbs, the new record from The Sheila Divine! No way! Yes way!

Come hang out with us on Thanksgiving Eve. We’ll do our best to make it a good time.

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The Rationales @ Cuisine en Locale 9.4.2015

Here are four things The Rationales had me thinking about after their recent set at Cuisine en Locale:

  • Just because everyone always says it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say it more: The Rationales have some fantastic songs.
  • Dave Mirabella commenting that bandmate Chad Raleigh dressed as Han Solo AND Chewbacca was the best of the many Star Wars references in the ballroom that evening.
  • The Rationales covered a Wilco song for the first time!* Picking my favorite, “I’m Always In Love,” was a wise decision.
  • Speaking of decisions, sometimes bad ones are good ones. Just look at the “Drunk!” crowd-participation backing vocals encouraged on “Drunk All The Time.” Terrible decision. Wonderful outcome.

* Shocking!

Party Bois – “The Reoccurring Girl” (2015)

party bois reoccurring girl
Party Bois
“The Reoccurring Girl”

Goodness, that guitar. That guitar. Yes, “The Reoccurring Girl” has hooks for days that will drive you insane with the number of times they loop in your head while you’re trying to do simple everyday tasks like using a fax machine or breathing. “Words fail to describe the feelings I have when I’m with you.” Got it. It is a Party Bois song, after all. That guitar, though. That, right there, is perfection. Cool video, too.

Where to get it:

Sidewalk Driver @ The Sinclair 8.28.2015

I have taken thousands of photos of Sidewalk Driver. With any luck, there will be thousands more. I will fill hard drives with terabytes of glittery pixels in my quest to take a photo that captures the magnificence and wonder of being at a Sidewalk Driver show. It’s a goal I know I’m not likely to ever achieve. I’ve shared my failures here. Sometimes the unattainable is still worth pursuing.

Also, Tad with no pants…

Ruby Rose Fox @ The Sinclair 8.28.2015

I’m not really sure which words to use to describe Ruby Rose Fox that won’t sell her talents short. She’s a world class singer and performer with a crack backing band. Their Sinclair set was mesmerizing. Ruby Rose Fox can already hold an audience in the palm of her hand, yet it still feels like she’s just getting warmed up. I can’t wait to see where this goes.