Mercury On Mars – Be The One (2014)

Mercury On Mars Be The One
Mercury On Mars
Be The One

Let’s take a little listen to Be The One by Mercury On Mars. The title track of this EP is so shrouded in love for Hüsker Dü and The Replacements that I can’t help but want to hear what comes next. Thankfully, we get “So Happy,” which adds an injection of high octane Swedish rock ‘n’ roll to the band’s sound. “The Vapors” is in the third spot, with a nifty slide guitar part blurring and slurring its way through the mix. The EP closes with “X-Believer,” bringing things back around to that Twin Cities sound. Solid.

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Earthquake Party! – Let’s Rock, OK? (2012)

earthquake party lets rock ok
Earthquake Party!
Let’s Rock, OK?

Here’s a collection of over-modulated fuzz-pop nuggets from 2012 courtesy of Earthquake Party! Listening to Let’s Rock, OK? is like playing The Apples In Stereo a little too fast and way too loud, which is a totally legit way to do things. Oh, and there’s some screaming. Don’t overthink this one. The songs are only about a minute long each. You could have listened to the whole thing by now.

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