Crazy Alice @ The Middle East Downstairs 10.4.2014

When the Pipeline! at 25 shows were announced, I kinda freaked out over some of the reunions that were scheduled. Orangutang? Quintaine Americana? Kudgel? Must see. Oh, they’re all on the same night? Mind blown. Right near the tippy-top of my Bands-I-Will-Not-Miss list was Night #9 opener Crazy Alice. Their brand of off-the-rails Superchunk meets The Replacements meets Hüsker Dü nonsense is right up my alley. I’ve loved these guys from the first time I saw them shortly before they disbanded. Thanks to Bob Dubrow and his crazy idea to get every band in Boston to reunite, I got another chance to see one of my favorites.

They were the best damn chickens in the fair.