Static Of The Gods @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 5.20.2011

The sound reverberates for a moment within the walls of TT’s before being absorbed by the mass of people huddled before the stage. Can they feel it? The sound? The moment?

This is a celebration for the release of Static Of The God’s new EP, The Midnight Fires. There are a full range of emotions on display tonight. There is certainly the mutual appreciation between band and audience, but there’s something heavy in the air, as well. It all comes out in the performance. Music as therapy. A weight lifted. Beat beat beat.

Static Of The Gods – The Midnight Fires (2011)

Static Of The Gods
The Midnight Fires

Static Of The Gods have never shied away from the melancholic or atmospheric. On The Midnight Fires they continue to paint dreamy landscapes for Jen Johnson’s vocals to explore.

Opener “Lake Effect” picks up right where Knowledge Machine, the band’s previous effort, left off. A tense opening builds to a bit of a frenzy before giving way to the sentimental “Collectors”. “Hauntings” is fairly stripped down. The usual layers of synthesizers are pulled back, allowing a fuzzy riff to roll the song along before picking up the tempo half way through.

Static Of The Gods leave us with the EP’s finest moment. “Beat Beat Beat” sways and breathes. It’s a song you feel as much as hear. The buzz subsides.

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Static Of The Gods – Knowledge Machine (2010)

Static Of The Gods
Knowledge Machine

Static Of The Gods play a lush, dark, dreamy and modern sounding brand of indie rock. Knowledge Machine is mid-tempo and melodic, with varying degrees of intensity.  For the most part Jen Johnson’s vocals sail along over synthesizer pads, fizzy guitars, and steady drums.  They play the loud/quiet/loud card well on “Meteor Flights”. Songs like “Mean Streak” and “White Flag” ratchet the combustibility up a notch, burning bright but never truly letting go.  It’s a tense burn.   Even the quieter moments, like on “Eating Well”, never feel fully at ease.

While they may not vary their sound much, Static Of The Gods have a way with melancholy. It’s all a bit unnerving and very effective.

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