Apparently September 3rd Was “Release Your New Video Day” In Boston

Well, look at that. Yesterday saw the release of some brand spankin’ new videos from three bands playing around town. Who knew that the Tuesday after Labor Day was the official “Release You New Video Day” in Boston? Er.. Bearstronaut, The Susan Constant and Endation, I suppose. In honor of these 3 new clips released on September 3rd, I’ve decided to sum up each video in 3 words. See what I did there?

bearstronaut dieBearstronaut – “Where I’ll Die”
Art gone bad.

susan constant midwesternThe Susan Constant – “Midwestern You”
Paul’s rough walk.

endation staabEndation – “Staab”
All fall down.

There you have it. Three more bands providing evidence for Michael Marotta’s theory that “we’re living in the post-MTV Golden Age of music videos.”

Bonus time: Pixies released their video for “Indie Cindy” yesterday, too!