Mean Creek @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 4.16.2013

I’ve never seen Mean Creek. Seems like a glaring omission on my part. Thanks to a last minute show put together by Richard Bouchard and Michael Marotta I was finally able to do that. Did I mention that this little quickie show raised $7,740 for the Mass General Hospital EMS Department in the wake of Monday’s tragedy? In a mere few hours, the For Boston benefit show was put together with a great bill and a sprawling raffle. People stuffed the pay-what-you-can donation box and raffle baggies. The bartenders donated their tips. Bands donated merch sales. TT’s owner Bonney Bouley made a personal contribution, as did Rumble sponsor Defunt Tees. You can read all about how all the money was raised over here. You done good, everybody. Thanks.

Oh, yeah. Mean Creek was pretty cool.