Random Rumble Ramblings: 2013 (Part II)

Anngelle will get us rumbling again.
Anngelle will get us rumbling again.

OK. It’s time. Let’s talk about the Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble. The 2013 prelims are in the books. The semifinal round will be held at TT’s on Thursday (Glenn Yoder and the Western States (wildcard) / White Dynomite / The Daily Pravda / Lifestyle) and Friday (Twin Berlin (wildcard) / The New Highway Hymnal / Camden / Eddie Japan). For now, here are a few quick thoughts on the second half of the prelims.

Old Favorites

The Field Effect. Love these guys.
The Field Effect. Love these guys.

The Field Effect and White Dynomite squared off in a Battle Royale on Friday night. These were two of my favorite performances of the whole shebang. White Dynomite prevailed. Another favorite was The Daily Pravda’s winning set. Ruby Rose Fox put on one heck of a show that same night. Lifestyle took their night with after providing “the grossest Rumble moment” ever.*

New Faces

Parks are good. Real good.
Parks are good. Real good.

I had never seen Parks before, but I felt like I knew them so well. I love their first two singles. I’ve seen each of them play in other bands. No surprise that I walked away eager to see them again. Whitcomb and Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan were the two heaviest bands in this year’s Rumble. They both captured the spirit of the event and had me pulling for them. Coyote Kolb and The Suicide Dolls contributed to a stellar Friday night lineup. Mount Peru made some beautiful music. Twin Berlin rocked their own pants off and earned a wildcard spot.

Chicken or Egg or Feather?

White Dynomite beered and feathered the late-night crowd.
White Dynomite fired up the late-night crowd.

Earlier in the week, it seemed like the crowd may have been experiencing some fatigue as each night wore on. Not so in the second half. The late-night crowds became much more animated as the weekend approached. In fact, all of the bands that played last on their respective nights advanced (White Dynomite and The Daily Pravda with wins, Twin Berlin with the wildcard). Night #4 winner, Lifestyle, came from the number 3 slot. Did the bands drive the crowd or did the crowd drive the bands? Who cares? It was a blast.

Fun With Numbers

Mount Peru were one of the magnificent seven.
Mount Peru were one one the magnificent seven.

  • Seven and Seven: There were two acts with 7 members on stage during the second half of the week.**
  • Fours and Fives: There were 4 quartets and 5 quintents. That worked out nicely.
  • I Can’t Count That High: Feathers.

Play Me Out

Let’s go anywhere but home normally sounds like fun. Right now, home seems good, though. I think The Field Effect would agree. Here are a few of the songs rocking my brain after the second half of the Rumble Prelims. See you at the Semis.

* Those were Sean T. Drinkwater’s own words regarding his onstage demulletization. I tend to agree with him.

** Mount Peru and Ruby Rose Fox