Problem Child @ Radio 8.24.2012

Teenagers have been starting punk bands for over 35 years now. While I wish more kids were doing it, I wouldn’t exactly call it uncommon. You know, pick up a guitar. Learn a couple of chords. Convince your buddies to start up on bass and drums. Play a bunch of basements and parties for your friends, maybe a couple of all ages shows. Drive 207 miles to another state to open a crazy-over-the-top-rock-n-roll show at Radio.

Wait, what was that last part?

The last part is exactly* what Problem Child did. This trio of teens made the trek from Williston, VT to play at Radio the other night with Cocked N’ Loaded, The Acro-Brats and Black Thai. This makes me happy.

* Maybe not exactly. I estimated using Google Maps.