Earthquake Party! – vs. Pizza (2011)

Earthquake Party!
vs. Pizza

Are you looking for three short bursts of super-saturated, hook-laden noise pop? Do you want to top it all off with perfectly paired boy/girl vocals? Earthquake Party! has just the thing for you!

vs. Pizza is 5:01 of fuzzed out bliss. “Pretty Little Hand” is a straight-up power pop tune riding a gorgeous wave of distortion. The guitar and synth blend perfectly. Earthquake Party! then proceeds to blast through “Nails&Hammers” in a mere 49 seconds. Songs that clock in under a minute and still feel complete have a special place in my heart. This one has a guitar line that will be stuck in my head for days. “Brains” closes things out; its vintage vibe meshes perfectly with the band’s noise aesthetic. I love this.

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