The 360’s @ Radio 7.7.2012

I knew very little about The 360’s heading into this show at Radio. I was still quite excited to see them. Why? Because Linda Scurvyann Bean Pardee plays bass with them. She’s got good taste. Every band she’s ever played with rocks out like they’re the last decent band on the planet.* The 360’s are no exception. They’ve got some great songs that they perform with fervor. Audrey Clark (vocals/guitar) and Eric Russell (guitar) play off each other while Linda and Ian Clark (drums)**, Audrey’s son, hold everything together. No wonder The 360’s have been held in such high regard around these parts for so long…

* Everyone who has ever seen Linda play with Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women, Orbit, Frigate, Permafrost or Helicopter Helicopter knows this to be true. This is a partial list. Mentioning all of the bands she has rocked out with would cause the server to melt down.

** Ian also rips it up on guitar with Razors In The Night.