Don’t die before July 27th, 2012.

Look, what you do in your free time is none of my business. That said, I’m going to offer you a bit of unsolicited advice: Don’t die before July 27th, 2012.

Sure, right now you’re thinking “mind your own beeswax, dude.” I can’t blame you. I’m not usually in the business of telling people what to do. I leave that to Richard Bouchard over at Boston Band Crush. He’s always yammering on with his “you’re gonna want to get tickets ahead of time” show crushes.* No, I’m usually the one telling you what you should have done, shoving pictures in your face to prove my point. It’s only fitting that we should team up and present a show together. So here goes…

First of all, take another look at that poster. There’s a flying ice cream cone heart on there, yes indeed. How else would you visually depict such a joyous event?** That’s the handiwork of Nicole Anguish at Daykamp Creative.

OK, now the important stuff. Let’s start at the top. Aloud has been hammering out hard-hitting, harmony-drenched indie rock for ten years now. If their show this past Saturday was any indication, things are going to get sweaty.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, human picture frames… you never know what you’re going to get at a Sidewalk Driver show. Oh, wait, you do know what you’ll get; a high-kicking, confetti-blasting, glam-popping good time.

Parlour Bells will be opening the show. Wait, what? The most debonair band of this year’s Rumble is opening this show? The band that can do this? Yup. That’s how awesome this show is going to be.

The Springsteen-meets-punk of New York’s Dirty Wings round out this stellar bill.*** It all goes down at TT’s on July 27th. There’s even a Facebook event where you can go tell us how excited you are for this show.

So, I implore you not to die before July 27th, 2012. I’d hate for you to miss out on this wonderful event. If you fail to heed my advice, I’ll be shoving pictures from the show in your cold, dead face. I don’t think that’s something either of us would enjoy.

* This is an actual quote from one of Mr. Bouchard’s finest pieces in advance of Tijuana Sweetheart’s final shows. My favorite bit: …it’s gonna be a total mess. Putting that band in a small space and feeding everyone beer is like tossing four honey badgers in a closet with a pile of meth; it’s gonna be crazy, but you’re damn sure gonna want to see what happens. Classic Bouchard.

** Aquarium legs? Bearded mouse going over a water fall in a barrel? “Axe”-wielding Jason Voorhees? Those ideas were already taken. Flying ice cream cone heart it is.

*** Check out the tune “(Lonely Night In a) Lonesome Town” on their Bandcamp page. Good stuff.