Sidewalk Driver @ Brighton Music Hall 5.18.2012

Sidewalk Driver at Brighton Music Hall is always a good idea. Friday night was no exception. These glam-poppers played a nice mix of recent tunes* and songs from FATBAG. They debuted a fantastic new song called “My Face” that found Tad confettiizing in ways previously unknown.** They even busted out a cover of The Turtles’ classic “Elenore.”*** Gee, I think Sidewalk Driver is swell…

* They opened their set with “Kidnapped.” It’s probably my current favorite Sidewalk Driver tune. That’s like picking a favorite guitar, though. They’re all special.

** “Confettiizing” is a real word. OK, it isn’t.

*** Boy Wonder used to cover that song. I had flashbacks during Sidewalk Driver’s rendition. Happy-happy-sing-song-sing-along flashbacks. What a great tune that is. Between this cover and their recent take on The Monkees’ “Star Collector,” Sidewalk Driver is sending me to ’60s pop heaven.