Streight Angular – Everyone Is Syncopated (2012)

Streight Angular
Everyone Is Syncopated

After a couple of mind blowing singles, those neon-loving maniacs in Streight Angular have finally released the Everyone Is Syncopated EP. In fact, those singles kick off this new collection. Since I’ve already told you how “Everyone Is Syncopated” and “Supermarché” make my insides feel all warm and tingly, let’s jump to the new stuff.

“In My Bed, Not My Head” is a blistering freak out. Dig it. “Oh Gurl” is an ’60s pop ballad with ’80s keyboard layers. It’s an unusual paring that works quite well for these DayGlo punks. The EP closes with “Hot Pot Anaconda”, a trippy space jam with lyrics consisting of the song’s title, the occasional “woo” and rhythmically chanting “hey”. I can’t wait to hear what Streight Angular cooks up next.

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