Rule @ Radio 11.19.2011

Do you like metal?

Wait! No no no! Don’t go anywhere. Let’s try this a different way.

Remember when you liked metal?

Rule plays that kind of metal. It’s Ronnie James Dio fronting a reinvigorated Black Sabbath. It’s Joey Belladona-era Anthrax without the Jams shorts, backward hats and goofy rhymes. It hints at Judas Priest, Ozzy, Maiden and early Metallica while, amazingly, not relying on nostalgia.

I know it sounds like I just contradicted myself with the whole “remember when” thing and then saying Rule isn’t nostalgic. I get it. It’s true, Rule plays a very classic sort of metal. However, my enjoyment of their debut show was not based upon my fond memories of being a mulleted teenager blasting Painkiller in a wood paneled basement with my fellow misfits.* Rule’s set seemed vital. There was no irony in what they were doing.

Rule is metal.

* Although my mulleted teenage self would have loved Rule.