Watts @ Radio 10.8.2011

Watts was the seventh band to play at Radio. When they performed their song “Radio”, they became the fourth band to perform a song with the club’s name in the title.

I posted this little tidbit on Facebook.* The next day I saw a comment from Wattsman Dan Kopko asking “Yes, but how many of those bands have a song entitled ‘Radio’?” I informed him that the answer to his inquiry was three.** Everybody chuckled.

This has to be some kind of good omen for the club.***

* Hey! Did you know that Daykamp Music has a Facebook page? Go like it. I’ll wait here.

** Sidewalk Driver, The Rationales and, of course, Watts all played their own songs called “Radio”. AM Stereo played their song “Southern Rock Radio”. Unfortunately, no one covered Elvis Costello.

*** And/or clever booking by Ashley Willard.