The Bynars – “Haunted House” Remix Single (2011)

The Bynars
“Haunted House” Remix Single

Let’s pretend you are The Bynars. It’s mid-October. Halloween is right around the corner. You’ve got a hip power pop number called “Haunted House” on your latest album. It’s got a retro-horror keyboard part, a cheap-shot scare hit after the first chorus and a catchy vocal hook. Seems like a good time to make the song available as a free download to drum up a little publicity.

If you’re The Bynars, though, you probably realize you need to up the ante. After all, you’re the band that made an interactive music video. You don’t do things in a small way. So you get Sawtooth to do a hyper remix of the song with enough whirrs and blips and beats to make dance-inclined folks giddy. And you get Chris Piascik to do some amazing artwork. And you put it up on the web. For free. Only until November 1st. Because you’re The Bynars, and it seems like a cool thing to do.

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