Eric Salt @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 9.20.2011

Just about a year ago, the Springsteen faithful gathered at TT’s for a tribute show. The thing I remember the most about that night* was Eric Salt blowing everyone away with his version of “She’s The One”. Still one of the best covers I’ve heard. He was playing as part of Jenny Dee & Friends that night, but when they gave him the mic he absolutely stole the show… from everyone.

With that memory burned in my brain I was happy to hear that Eric Salt was taking part in this year’s Springsteen tribute. Eric and his band delivered. I’m going to propose a local club rule wherein every Bruce Springsteen tribute in the Boston area must have Eric Salt and Uke Springsteen on the bill. It’ll be like the “two-week rule”, but nobody will complain.

* Aside from playing with Jonny Pape in a band that would eventually become Paper Snakes, of course.