Reverse @ The Rosebud Bar 8.27.2011

Reverse. Wait. The Mighty Reverse.

Reverse is, without question, one of my favorite bands. Their song “Victoria” is the most played song in my iTunes library.* Their latest record, Monkey Mind, took about a bazillion years to record. It was worth the wait.

As much as I love their recorded material, Reverse is a live band. That should be obvious; any band with Mike Piehl on drums is a live band. The man is a groove monster. Throw in the unflappable Mike Quinn on bass and you’ve got a killer rhythm section for Ian Kennedy to torture his telecaster over. Seriously, how does he make a telecaster sound like that? Ian and Mike also have great complimentary voices. Reverse is amazing.

OK. Enough. You get it.

* I just did the math. “Victoria” was played exactly 50% more than the next most played song in my iTunes library.** The song is that good. Also, I’m not claiming that I’ve heard this particular Reverse song more than any other. I listen to music on vinyl, cd, cassette and blah blah blah as well. Not to mention all of the music I listened to before I digitized everything many years ago. I’m pretty sure the song I’ve heard the most in my life would either be a hair metal song or something by Barry Manilow.

**The next most played song is “Go Easy Now” by The Hellacopters. In reality, the play count difference is much smaller than it would appear, as the By The Grace Of God album played nonstop in my car for at least 6 months when I first got it.