Space Ballons @ The Rosebud Bar 8.13.2011

Kids music played at 11pm in a bar? Must be Space Balloons.

I have to admit I was quite excited that Space Balloons were performing as part of Uke-Arist II. I wanted to see what kind of nonsense this trio could stir up. I was not disappointed. There were songs about reading to mustaches, square grapes, hovercrafts full of eels, hug wars, balloons in lagoons, life on Balloononia and dessert for breakfast.

I laughed.* I cried.** I watched Richard Bouchard chase Navigator Joe around the bar with a giraffacrockasomethingorother.*** I took some pictures. I had a good time.

* I did.
** I did not.
*** This almost made me laugh so hard that I cried. Alas, I did not (see **).