Brendan Boogie – Songs From The Armory Vol. 3 (2011)

Brendan Boogie
Songs From The Armory Vol. 3

Brendan Boogie is back with the last EP of his ambitious project to release new music every month for the first half of 2011.* This time around, Brendan presents us with a third installment of songs co-written with like-minded pop aficionados.

First up is “Attraction Fades”, one of two collaborations with Oranjuly’s Brian King (who has so far managed to avoid the dragons that are no doubt pursuing him). Mr. King’s retro pop stamp is all over this song. This is one of my favorite songs to come out of Brendan Boogie’s EP experiment. I love it.

Naked On Roller Skates’ Leesa Coyne takes over lead vocal duties on the melancholic “Using Me Using You”. The song has a beautiful sadness to it. Brendan’s duet with Abbie Barrett on “Love Is For Losers” lightens the mood as much as a song that references clubbing baby seals can lighten a mood (which, it turns out, is quite a bit).

Brendan Boogie and Brian King reunite for the closing number, a timeless piano ballad titled “With A Single Motion”. The stark instrumentation allows the layered vocals to shine. Fantastic.

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* Much like the mid week hiatus of The Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble’s preliminary round, Mr. Boogie took April off. Slacker.