Brendan Boogie – The Cassingles (2011)

Brendan Boogie
The Cassingles

This is what Brendan Boogie does so well. He writes a catchy tune and pairs it with some witty lyrics revealing an unfortunate truth. Then he does it again. And again. And a fourth time for good measure. Now he’s got an EP’s worth of material. He throws it up online for a free download and throws a party at The Rosebud to celebrate. He’s done this five times so far this year. He’ll do it again next month. The man is an EP making machine.

The Cassingles is my favorite of these EPs to date. There are songs about porn stars, obviously doomed marriages and wanting to be Paul McCartney. Then there’s the one about falling in love with the significant other of a war veteran… with a Purple Heart. That’s just wrong, right? I mean, c’mon. Yet, somehow, Mr. Boogie manages to pull out some universal feelings in all of these songs. This guy may be a little too knowledgeable about the human condition for his own good.

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