Full Body Anchor – The Restless EP (2011)

Full Body Anchor
The Restless EP

Everyone is all worked up right now because Foo Fighters finally stopped wallowing in mediocrity and put out a great hard-hitting record. If the song “1 in 150” was on that record, it would be one of the standout tracks. But, hey, it’s not. It’s on Full Body Anchor’s The Restless EP.

“1 in 150” is the kind of song Full Body Anchor does so well. It is aggressively catchy. It will hunt you down and make its presence know. It is determined. It does not come in peace, but it means no harm. It’s doing all of this for you own good. You need this song, and it knows it.

Don’t let your guard down for the next three tracks, either. “Offering”, “Sound Searching” and “Overload” are full of intensity. They will exploit your weaknesses. One thing Full Body Anchor is not is meek.

The Restless EP closes with “Dead Inside”. Rice Edmonston’s vocals are riveting as they soar above the beautiful racket. Let it ring out. Amazing.

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