What The Hell Just Happened?!?

I think I just started a blog.

I mean, there are some pictures I took of The Russians, The Painted Lights and Sodafrog at Precinct back in January down there a little lower on the page. That was a good show. There are a lot of good shows here in Boston. I try to go to them when I can. I bring my camera with me and take pictures. I’ve been doing this for years. I’ve also been building websites for years. You’d think I would have done this sooner.

Time to get the goat by the horns and do something with all of these pictures I’ve got lying around. I’ll start by catching up on this year’s shows. Look for pictures of The Dirty Truckers, Watts, The Downbeat 5, Corin Ashley, Brendan Boogie and a bunch of other bands to start showing up here soon. I’ve got some videos to post, too. Look out Tom Baker!

Once I get caught up on 2011, I’ll start digging into the archives. I’m going to be busy…