Full Body Anchor @ Radio 10.5.2012

Full Body Anchor ripped it up as a four piece on the Radio stage for Nicole Tammaro’s book release party. I’ve never seen a band as intense as Full Body Anchor have so much fun. Normally, that’s a delicate balancing act. Full Body Anchor flat-out levitates.

Fit To Be Tied @ Radio 9.22.2012

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: any day I get to hear a Barbusters tune is a good day. Fit To Be Tied was back for another go at the Joan Jett catalog. They made me a very happy man (again). I’ll never tire of hearing this crew cover “Light Of Day” and “This Means War.”* Throw in an everybody-sing-’cause-y’all-know-the-words version of “I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll” and you have the perfect end to another night of revelry put together by Nicole Tammaro. Well done, everybody.

* I’m still waiting for Fit To Be Tied to cover The Hunzz’s “Rabbit’s Got The Gun” to complete the Joan-Jett-in-Light-Of-Day holy trinity.

Full Body Anchor @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 3.2.2012

After the last time I caught a Full Body Anchor set, I vowed to go see them more often. That turned out to be one of my better decisions. Their set at the Big Queer Rock Show (a benefit for BAGLY – Boston Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Youth) was awesome. Full Body Anchor shows are intense. I love this band.

Too bad Rice didn’t win the raffle prize he wanted. That would have made things really interesting.

Full Body Anchor @ Radio 12.17.2011

Full Body Anchor is a band I need to see more often. It’s cathartic. Intensely cathartic. You’re swept up in Rice Edmonston’s manic convulsions while the rest of the band just keeps pushing and pushing until you’re right at the edge. It’s all making you a little crazy. You can’t quite figure out what’s happening to your head. You don’t really want to know, anyway.

Then it’s over. You’ve weathered the storm. Life goes on. You take a few deep breaths.

It feels good.

Worth mentioning: Full Body Anchor did an astounding version of “O Holy Night” at this show. Add that one to my list of favorite Boston rock moments of 2011…

Fit To Be Tied @ The Rosebud Bar 9.23.2011

Fit To Be Tied closed out the fantastic Joan Jett tribute night at The Rosebud with a set that included two Barbusters songs from Light Of Day.* I went into the night expecting Tom Baker and gang to play the title track (Mr. Baker’s regular outfit, The Dirty Truckers, covered this song at a Springsteen tribute show last year), but “This Means War” was a real treat. Close out the night with an drunken all-hands-on-deck version of “I Love Rock N’ Roll” and I’d say Nicole Tammaro did a bang up job putting this show together.

* Unfortunately, no one covered The Hunzz classic “Rabbit’s Got The Gun”. New mission for me: Orchestrate a Fit To Be Tied reunion just so I can convince them to play that song.

Full Body Anchor -3 Songs (2009)

Full Body Anchor - 3 Songs
Full Body Anchor
3 Songs

Full Body Anchor’s debut EP impresses with its frenetic vocals and aggressive guitars. “Borderline” opens the set. Despite being the most accessible tune of the bunch, it still packs a punch thanks to the rock solid rhythm section of Kevin Pickering (drums) and Dennis Carver (bass).

“Catch/Release” becomes downright hostile. Full Body Anchor deftly ratchet up the tension during the verses, releasing it with a violent fury when the chorus hits. This song absolutely kills.

“Fly By Night” opens with a cowbell groove and thickly layered guitars from Amy Griffin and Kristin Edmonston. Add in Eric Edmonston’s manic vocals and you’ve got another winner.

Where to get it: