Camden – “Talking About You” b/w “You’re So Fine” (2013)

“Talking About You” b/w “You’re So Fine”

Hey, remember this year’s Rumble? That was fun. A good amount of that fun came courtesy of the guys in Camden. I once described the band’s last single as “a perfect 3 minute pop tune in just over 2 minutes.” Their latest, “Talking About You,” may just be the perfect 3 minute pop tune to come, period. Camden shed their trademark hyperactivity on this one. In its place is a brisk, melodic stroll through some nice guitar arpeggios. This song does everything right. The B-side is equally memorable. “You’re So Fine” picks up the pace a bit, punctuated with some peppy tambourine work in the chorus. What a fine pair of songs.


The 7″ is a small hole, 45RPM number on black vinyl. There’s a lyric sheet and a full color fold-over to keep it company in the sleeve. You can grab the digital bits, too.

Where to get it:


Random Rumble Ramblings: 2013 (Part III)

Anngelle and the gang have done it again.
Anngelle and the gang have done it again.

The 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble is drawing to a close. We’re 32 sets deep into this thing. Glenn Yoder And The Western States, Eddie Japan and Twin Berlin (wildcard) will square off in the final round tomorrow night at TT’s. The Dogmatics are the special guest band. This is going to be good. Before you head out, here are a couple of quick thoughts on the Semifinals.

Not Their First Rodeo

Glenn Yoder And The Western States have done this before.
Glenn Yoder And The Western States have done this before.

There was a lot of past Rumble experience taking the stage on Semifinal Night #1. Glenn Yoder And The Western States, White Dynomite, The Daily Pravda and Lifestyle all had at least one member that had been through the ringer before. They combined for more than 20 previous Rumble appearances. You knew everyone was going to be at their best before the night even began.

Experience Vs And Youth

Is this Twin Berlin and the crowd or the crowd and Twin Berlin?
Is this Twin Berlin and the crowd or the crowd and Twin Berlin?

On Semifinal Night #2, only members of Eddie Japan had Rumbled before. It paid off for them. They won the night. The first timers had a pretty good showing as well. Camden and The New Highway Hymnal both put on great shows. Closing out the night, Twin Berlin earned themselves a spot in the final round as the wildcard with a band/crowd blurring set.

Cover Me

Lifestyle covered Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women. I was happy.
Lifestyle covered Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women. I was happy.

One of my favorite moments of this year’s event came when Ad Frank took the mic during Lifestyle’s set to cover himself. The band launched into the old Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women* tune “Winterthru.” It was amazing.

Fun With Numbers

Eddie Japan played first and wore a lot of ties.
Eddie Japan played first and wore a lot of ties.

  • We’re number one: Both of the Semifinal winners (Glenn Yoder And The Western States / Eddie Japan) were the first band to compete on their night.
  • Lucky thirteen: The Semifinals featured thirteen band members that had participated in a previous Rumble.
  • Eight way tie: 8 performers in this year’s semifinal round donned ties for the occasion. Last year there was only one.**

Play Me Out

There were some great song in the Semis. Here are a few of them. Come on out to the Finals tomorrow night at TT’s!

* 2004 Rumble

** Tim Scholl of Thick Shakes

Random Rumble Ramblings: 2013 (Part I)

The 2013 Rock 'N' Roll Rumble is off to a great start. Thank this lady when you see her.
The 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble is off to a great start. Thank this lady when you see her.

Well, we’re half way through the 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble preliminary round. Things get going again tonight at TT’s with Mount Peru, Whitcomb, Lifestyle and Twin Berlin. I’ve had a few moments to digest the first three nights. Let me regurgitate some of my thoughts for you. You’re welcome for that image.

Old Favorites

Eddie Japan was stellar in their Preliminary Night #3 victory.
Eddie Japan was stellar in their Preliminary Night #3 victory.

It’s no secrect I love Eddie Japan. Their win on Preliminary Night #3 was the best set I’ve ever seen from them. I’m a big fan of Velah’s songs. I’m now a fan of Nick Murphy’s stage banter: “I’m sweating like Kevin Youkilis giving birth.” Cancer Killing Gemini’s new drummer helped propel them to a solid outing. The guy hits hard.

New Faces

The New Highway Hymnal took Preliminary Night #1. I'm glad I finally got to see them.
The New Highway Hymnal took Preliminary Night #1. I’m glad I finally got to see them.

I saw five new-to-me bands during the first half of the week. Supermachine, The New Highway Hymnal (Preliminary Night #1 winners), Glenn Yoder And The Western States, Herra Terra and The Okay Win all had impressive performances. What struck me was how good each of those acts is at what they do. The Rumble really does bring out the best in bands.

The Second Time’s The Charm

Camden took Night #2 with a crazy good set.
Camden took Night #2 with a crazy good set.

I mentioned before the Rumble started how much I was looking forward to seeing some of these bands for a second time. They did not disappoint. Camden’s wonderfully loose set took Night #2. Endation blew me away with their set to open that same night. They’re a two-headed beast of sonic turmoil. The Deep North’s songs are really starting to settle in with me. I can’t wait to hear more. Blackbutton wailed away to close out Night #3. No sophomore slumps, here.

Fun With Numbers

Endation was the sole duo of the first three nights.
Endation was the sole duo of the first three nights.

  • Cover The Spread: The first three nights have featured 1 duo, 2 trios, 5 quartets, 3 quintets and 1 sextet. Did we mention that the sextet had pair of backup vocalists? Oh, and a trio of string players for their closing number? If you’re playing along at home, that means there were anywhere from 2 to 11 people on stage at one time over the first 3 nights.
  • The Flexible Four: 4 acts had a member playing at least 2 different instruments.*
  • I Can’t Count That High: How many patch cables does Herra Terra have in their rig? However many you think it is, double it.

Play Me Out

I bet Camden grew up listening to their parents’ LPs at 45RPM. “Getting Around” executes a perfect 3 minute pop tune in just over 2 minutes. Here it is, along with a few other tunes that have stuck with me. Now, come on out to a show!

* The Okay Win, Velah, Herra Terra and Eddie Japan

24 Reasons Why I Can’t Wait For The 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble To Start

It’s Rumble season. Every year around this time I’m filled with an equal mix of anticipation and nostalgia. That’s the kind of event The Rumble is. You get to check out 24 of the best bands playing around town in one* fell swoop while making memories that will haunt you you’ll remember for a very long time.** With that in mind, here are 24 reasons why I can’t wait for the 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble to get underway on Sunday night. These are in no particular order, but I numbered them 24 to 1*** because that’s what all important lists do. Oh, and here’s the full schedule in case you missed it.

  1. Opening night is going to be awesome. The lineup of The Okay Win / Cancer Killing Gemini / The New Highway Hymnal / Velah is as good as they come. You’d be hard pressed to find a better way to spend a Sunday night all year. It’ll be better than the Mad Men premiere.
  2. The Rumble is known for eclectic bills, but this year takes the cake. Saturday’s Parks / Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan / Ruby Rose Fox / The Daily Pravda lineup is certainly in contention for most diverse night of this year’s event. Thursday night’s Mount Peru / Whitcomb / Lifestyle / Twin Berlin bill is in that conversation, as well.
  3. Ruby Rose Fox is part of the crazy-diverse Saturday night lineup.
    Ruby Rose Fox is part of the crazy-diverse Saturday night lineup.
  4. There’s almost no stage banter. With only 30 minutes to impress the judges and win over the crowd, most bands have fine-tuned their sets. That makes a good line all the more memorable. My favorite came from 1998 Rumble winners The Ghost Of Tony Gold: “Vote The Ghost. We need the cash.”
  5. Pre-show beer at the back bar while shooting the breeze with some increasingly tired friends who keep coming out night after night? Yes please.
  6. There’s always a good story. Old Jack had quite the memorable run a couple of years ago. Last year Tommy Lada competed against himself in the semifinals playing with Ghosts Of Jupiter and Garvy J. And The Secret Pockets Of Hope And Resistance on the same night. We also had The Grownup Noise as the special guest band after they had to drop out of the competition due to injury. I’m looking forward to watching this year’s event unfold.
  7. OldJack's run was something special.
    OldJack’s run was something special.
  8. Anngelle Wood is going to cry. It’s inevitable. She just cares so damn much. This town needs more people like her.
  9. It’s always fun to see a band a second time. You’ve got an idea of what to expect, but you certainly don’t know all of their tricks. I get to do that 3 times on Monday (Endation / The Deep North / Camden) and one more time on Tuesday (Blackbutton).
  10. Editing photos at 3 o’clock in the morning is awesome. I think. I can’t really remember. I mean, half of the time I black out and can’t remember doing it. Sometimes I just fall asleep with my eyes open and my hand on the mouse, waiting for my brain to decide if the exposure needs to be nudged up a bit or… zzz…
  11. Bow Thayer And Perfect Trainwreck won The Rumble last year. Cask Mouse had a stellar showing as well. Girls Guns And Glory won it all a few years back. A touch of twang seems to go over well with the judges. Coyote Kolb and Glenn Yoder & The Western States would probably like to see that trend continue.
  12. Bow Thayer And Perfect Trainwreck twanged their way to a Rumble victory last year.
    Bow Thayer And Perfect Trainwreck twanged their way to a Rumble victory last year.
  13. I love seeing live bands.
  14. The Rumble is a living, breathing thing. It adapts over time. After a particularly contentious semifinal round in 1998, the wildcard was added to advance to the finals. Since then, three of those wildcards have won the whole shebang. The spirit of the event has evolved, as well. What was once a true competition is now more of a home grown music festival. Change can be a good thing.
  15. I have no idea who is going to win.
  16. I saw some of my current favorite bands for the first time in The Rumble. I’m looking at you Sidewalk Driver****, Mellow Bravo and The Susan Constant. Am I going to become obsessed with The Okay Win, The New Highway Hymnal, Herra Terra, Supermachine, Glenn Yoder & The Western States, Coyote Kolb, The Suicide Dolls, Mount Peru, Whitcomb, Twin Berlin, Parks or Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan? I wouldn’t bet against it.
  17. Mellow Bravo won me over at The Rumble.
    Mellow Bravo won me over at The Rumble.
  18. I love Eddie Japan. It’s movie music where I get to make up the movie in my mind. I don’t know who will advance from Tuesday night’s lineup, but I’m pretty sure everyone will walk out of TT’s with the trumpet line from “A Town Called Nowhere” in their head.
  19. White Dynomite members have participated in more Rumbles than all of the other bands combined. Hell, my band even lost to one of these guys back in 2002. Will all that experience give these guys an edge? Find out next Friday.
  20. Looking at the list of past Rumbles makes me wish time travel was real. If I could go back in time to see one Rumble final that I missed it would be 1996. Trona and Quintaine Americana? Are you kidding me? So good.
  21. I need to see Parks live. I’m in love with their first two singles, but I haven’t been able to catch a show yet. This all changes next Saturday night.
  22. What about heavy music? Motherboar made it all the way to the finals last year with some brutally amazing sets. Sherman Burns tore their way into the semis as a wildcard. Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan, Whitcomb and Supermachine are likely hoping for similar success.
  23. This.
  24. The time between the last band finishing their set and the night’s winner being announced is gloriously awkward.
  25. The Rumble is never boring. The American Measles wore Kiss makeup. Cracktorch could jump really high. Keith Pierce finished Mellow Bravo’s preliminary round set on top of a car in front of TT’s.***** What’s next?
  26. For the bands, The Rumble is a great way to get in front of people who may not have any idea who you are and win them over. Rumble crowds are good like that. I’ve seen The Field Effect take on some pretty diverse audiences in the past six months. Their enthusiasm is undeniable. Win or lose, The Field Effect is going to walk away with a boatload of new fans.
  27. The Field Effect will undoubtedly win over the crowd, but what about the judges?
    The Field Effect will win some new fans, but will they win their night?
  28. I’ve seen a lot of Rumble shows over the years, but last year was the first time I was able to attend every night. It was a blast. I can’t wait to do it again.
  29. Have I mentioned that The Okay Win, Cancer Killing Gemini, The New Highway Hymnal, Velah, Endation, The Deep North, Herra Terra, Camden, Eddie Japan, Supermachine, Glenn Yoder & The Western States, Blackbutton, Mount Peru, Whitcomb, Lifestyle, Twin Berlin, Coyote Kolb, The Field Effect, The Suicide Dolls, White Dynomite, Parks, Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan, Ruby Rose Fox and The Daily Pravda are playing? That should be reason enough.
  30. Rumbles are unpredictable. There will be “upsets.” Bands will be “robbed.” Allegations will fly. Someone might get glitter bombed. Life will go on. A good time will be had by most. Friendships will be made. Future shows will be set up. Somone will leave with a tiara on. We’ll all have a good laugh about it in the morning.

Is it Sunday yet?

* Well, nine fell swoops, I guess.

** Personal experience tells me at least 15 years.

*** Oops. That list reversal attribute in an HTML5 tag. some of you may be seeing this 1-24. Isn’t technology fun?

**** Technically not the first time I saw them, but that’s a story for another time.

**** I missed this show. Sad face. Thankfully there’s this video.

The 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble Prelims Schedule

It’s always exciting when the Rumble participants are announced. However, the fun really begins when the nightly lineups are drawn. That’s when you realize how crazy-diverse The Rumble is. Just take a look at the schedule below. You certainly won’t leave any of these shows complaining that all of the bands sounded the same. I’m tempted to point out a couple of nights that I think are going to be really special, but experience tells me they all end up being memorable. You might as well pick up a full-boat pass.

Only one of these acts will don the Rumble tiara, but they all get to play on a motley bill of genre crossbreeding. That’s what makes The Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble special. That’s why I can’t wait for April 7th.


Sunday April 7th, 2013 (Tickets)

9:00 – 
The Okay Win (Web|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
9:45 – Cancer Killing Gemini (Web|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
10:30 – The New Highway Hymnal (Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
11:15 – Velah

Monday April 8th, 2013 (Tickets)

9:00 – Endation
9:45 – The Deep North (Web|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
10:30 – 
Herra Terra
11:15 – Camden (Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)

Tuesday April 9th, 2013 (Tickets)

9:00 – Eddie Japan
9:45 – Supermachine
10:30 – Glenn Yoder & The Western States (Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
11:15 – Blackbutton

Thursday April 11th, 2013 (Tickets)

9:30 – Mount Peru
10:15 – Whitcomb
11:00 – Lifestyle
11:45 – Twin Berlin

Friday April 12th, 2013 (Tickets)

9:30 – Coyote Kolb
10:15 – The Field Effect (Web|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
11:00 – The Suicide Dolls (Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
11:45 – White Dynomite (Web|Facebook|Bandcamp)

Saturday April 13th, 2013 (Tickets)

9:30 – Parks (Web|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
10:15 – Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan
11:00 – Ruby Rose Fox (Web|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)
11:45 – The Daily Pravda (Web|Facebook|Twitter|Bandcamp)

You can also get a 9 Night Pass or a 6 Night Preliminary Round pass.

More Info:

Bow Thayer & Co. won last year's Rumble.
Bow Thayer & Co. won last year’s Rumble.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble Class of 2013 Initiation

The 2013 Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble participants have been announced! Looking down the list, it seems like we’re in for another good one this year. It happens time and time again. Every year 24 different bands remind us what a vibrant music community we have here in Boston. The depth of talent around these parts is astonishing. I saw 273 sets from area bands last year, yet I only managed to catch 11 of the 24 acts that will take the TT’s stage this April to vie for the coveted Rumble Tiara. That’s fantastic.

The nine night pass is available now. The individual show lineups will be announced Sunday night on Boston Emissions. In the meantime, here are some links to help get you familiar with your new favorite bands…



Cancer Killing Gemini

Coyote Kolb


The Daily Pravda

The Deep North

Eddie Japan



The Field Effect

Herra Terra


Jack Burton vs. David Lo Pan




Mount Peru


The New Highway Hymnal

The Okay Win


Ruby Rose Fox

The Suicide Dolls



Twin Berlin






White Dynomite

Glenn Yoder & The Western States

The Rumble is one big rock 'n' roll party.
Here we go again…

Camden – “Getting Around” b/w “(Talking On The) Telephone” (2012)

“Getting Around” b/w “(Talking On The) Telephone”

On their latest 7″, Camden somehow come off as both laid back and hyperactive. “Getting Around” is the indie-bopper that starts things off. The song asks “What you think about me?” I think you’re catchy as hell and I’m playing you over and over again. The two sides of the record are listed as “A” and “AA”. Smart move, because “(Talking On The) Telephone” is just as strong. The band continues the caffeine buzz and rips out some extended melodic guitar parts for this one. What a great pair of tunes.

The record itself is a black, small hole 7″ that come in a full color jacket (which is all inserted into a vinyl bag). There’s even a lyric sheet. It’s also available as a digital download.

Where to get it:

Camden @ Great Scott 1.26.2012

Camden bashed their way through a set of hyper-pop. These guys aren’t messing around.