Aloud – “Darkest Days” (2015 Remix)

Aloud Darkest Days Remix
“Darkest Days”
2015 Remix

Sometimes as an artist you revisit your work. It’s natural to re-evaluate what you’ve created with the passage of time and experience. When this exercise goes poorly, you end up with Greedo shooting first. When it goes well, you get the 2015 remix of “Darkest Days.”

Prompted by the 5th anniversary of its original release and the continued evolution of the socio-political environment that spawned the song, Aloud remixed their moving anthem with new perspective. Click on through and you can read about the origins of the song and watch a short video where Jen and Henry talk about what “Darkest Days” means to them. Or just give the refreshed tune a listen and take its message to heart. You can’t miss it. It’s right there in those glorious opening harmonies.

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Aloud – “Love Is A Losing Game” (2015)

Aloud love is a losing game
“Love Is A Losing Game”

Here we have Jen and Henry of Aloud covering Amy Winehouse’s soulful, Burt Bacharach-style heart-breaker “Love Is A Losing Game.” Aloud’s version is a quiet, understated display of music’s ability to express complex emotions. Less mournful and dramatic than the original, this arrangement unfolds with a sense of knowing and acceptance. It’s a sincere take on a great song.

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Videos! Videos! 700 Videos!

Oh, hi! Nice to see you. It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on Daykamp Music TV. If I ever want to show my face around town again, I better use my imagination and come up with some way to tell you more about the state of our video channel. Sooo, here goes.

Look, we all get a little bit low from time to time. Sometimes we’re so low down we don’t even wanna to go to school or work. The fear is that it will send us to our graves. There’s hope! Music is our medicine! With more than 700 videos from 300 artists, Daykamp Music TV will have you ridin’ out this sweater weather until we’re all living in harmony.

OK. That’s all I’ve got for this morning. Enjoy a music video or two! Here’s today’s Video of the Day. It’s a classic from The Juliana Hatfield Three. They play The Sinclair Friday night!


Aloud – “Twenty-Five Miles” (2014)

aloud twenty five miles
“Twenty​-​Five Miles”

Aloud cut a scalding live take of the Edwin Starr classic “Twenty-Five Miles” and made it available as a free download. There are so many good things going on in that statement. I don’t think there’s anything more to say about that. My work is done here. Have a good weekend, everybody.

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Sometime life gets busy and you miss out on important stuff — important stuff like cool new videos! If this has recently happened to you, here are a few music videos that you should maybe probably if you feel like it check out.

The Bynars - "Time Vs. Money"
The Bynars – “Time Vs. Money”
The Rationales - "This Morning"
The Rationales – “This Morning”
Aloud - "Back Here With Me Again"
Aloud – “Back Here With Me Again”

If you liked these, there are plenty of other great local vids on Daykamp Music TV!

It’s Monday. Watch a video or 522.

It’s Monday. You’re dragging from the weekend. You need to kill some time before time kills you. Have no fear. Daykamp Music TV has you covered. Why not watch a video or 522? That’s right, we’ve now got 522 videos in our video player. Five hundred and twenty-two. You can watch today’s Video of the Day. It’s the new one from Aloud, who have their record release at The Middle East Upstairs on Friday night. Or check out this very important video from The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. Or the fun new one from Fat Creeps. Or an oldie from O Positive or Orangutang. It’s all in there. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

aloud its got to be now tv

Aloud – It’s Got To Be Now (2014)

Aloud - Its Got To Be Now Cover

It’s Got To Be Now

Let’s cut to the chase. Aloud’s new record, It’s Got To Be Now, is pretty great. It’s a hook-filled slab of rock, soul, passion and urgency. Here’s a quick breakdown of how it plays out:

“Back Here With Me Again” opens It’s Got To Be Now with a blast of sunshine.

“Don’t Let It Get You Down” is straight up rockin’ soul.

“The Wicked Kind” smolders with biting guitar riffs and swirling organ.

“Jeanne, It’s Just A Ride” is a slice of ’60s pop heaven.

“A Little Bit Low” is an absolute scorcher, complete with a barely restrained breakdown to make you realize just how blazing this song is.

“Such A Long Time” revisits Aloud’s ’60s influence. This time around you may want to pull your baby close.

“After The Plague” has a timeless groove, harmonized “ahhs” and a triumphant chorus.

“It’s Got To Be Now” is infused with the desperation implied in its title.

“Complicity” is too bold to lurk in the shadows; it brings the shadows to you.

“The Ballad Of Emily Jane” could pass as Big Star.

“You Will Know” radiates sentimentality. The song goes through a subtle and beautiful transformation from reserved to glorious. A great way to cap off a fantastic album.

OK, that’s it. Aloud have really outdone themselves this time. Wait, here’s another picture…

Aloud - Its Got To Be Now Inside

The vinyl version is a basic black 12″ record spun at 33&#8531 RPM. The label offers one of my favorite A/B side indications in recent memory. There’s a full color sleeve and a lyric sheet insert to round things out. It’s Got To Be Now is also available on CD and as a digital download.

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Aloud - Its Got To Be Now Back