Fat Creeps – “Cherry” @ Precinct 8.17.2012

Fat Creeps - "Cherry" @ Precinct 8.17.2012

Here are Fat Creeps rocking “Cherry” from their new EP.

13 Billion Years – “PTSD” @ Church 7.14.2012

13 Billion Years - "PTSD" @ Church 7.14.2012

Here’s 13 Billion Years performing “PTSD”. It’s a new one. It’s only about 12.9 Billion Years old.

Darling Pet Munkee – “Brand New Cadillac” @ Radio 7.7.2012

Darling Pet Munkee - "Brand New Cadillac" @ Radio 7.7.2012

When Darling Pet Munkee aren’t playing their songs inspired by the advertisements in the back of old comic books, they’re covering the songs they were likely listening to while perusing said comic books.

Aloud – “Fan The Fury” @ Radio 6.9.2012

Aloud - "Fan The Fury" @ Radio 6.9.2012

Here’s Aloud blowing through “Fan The Fury” at Radio.

Mellow Bravo – “Highs And Lows” @ Radio 6.9.2012

Mellow Bravo - "Highs And Lows" @ Radio 6.9.2012

Remember all that stuff I said about Mellow Bravo’s Radio set having a different vibe? Yeah, not on this tune.

Animal Talk – “Into The Sun” @ Radio 6.9.2012

Animal Talk - "Into The Sun" @ Radio 6.9.2012

I’m mildly obsessed with this song. It’s been running through my head on an endless loop since Saturday night. I think I’m OK with this.

AM Stereo – “Done Wrong” @ Great Scott 6.2.2012

AM Stereo - "Done Wrong" @ Great Scott 6.2.2012

This is disaster rock in action

Rule – “Das Brute” @ Church 5.24.2012

Rule - "Das Brute" @ Church 5.24.2012

Here’s Rule barreling through their song “Das Brute” at Church last week.

Parlour Bells – “O Holiday” @ Precinct 5.11.2012

Parlour Bells - "O Holiday" @ Precinct 5.11.2012

Welcome to Parlour Bells Bonus Time…

Parlour Bells – “You Don’t Wear That Dress, The Dress Wears You” @ Precinct 5.11.2012

Parlour Bells - "You Don't Wear That Dress, The Dress Wears You" @ Precinct 5.11.2012

It’s almost as if Eddie Japan and Parlour Bells were having a longest song title contest at this show.