O Positive @ Paradise Rock Club 6.30.2012

A night that featured fantastic sets by Orbit, Garvy J. And The Secret Pockets Of Hope And Resistance and Parlour Bells would have been a fitting send off for WFNX. Event organizer Bruce McDonald and his crew had bigger plans. They wanted O Positive to close out the night. Bruce has a lot of history with the band from his days at the station. O Positive’s animated set was a wonderful way to end an event that raised over $15,000 for The Progeria Research Foundation. Now that’s a fitting send-off for WFNX.

Orbit @ Paradise Rock Club 6.30.2012

Throughout Orbit’s set at We Want The Airwaves: A WFNX Tribute there was an enthusiastic gentleman shouting praise at the band. While his language was rather colorful, I agreed with the general sentiment: Orbit was great. The band complimented their own classic originals (including “Medicine” and “Bicycle Song”) with a cover of The Pixies’ “Where Is My Mind?” that played well to a crowd basking in ‘FNX nostalgia.

Garvy J. And The Secret Pockets Of Hope And Resistance @ Paradise Rock Club 6.30.2012

WFNX has been sold to Clear Channel and will cease to exist as we know it. Time to celebrate!

Wait. What?

We Want The Airwaves: A WFNX Tribute was about three things: raising money for The Progeria Research Foundation; getting all sentimental about the ‘FNX that was; and looking to the future of the DJs, staff, artists and local music community the station supported.

Garvy J. And The Secret Pockets Of Hope And Resistance are playing “What If It All Works Out” and that future seems bright. WFNX will live on in some form online. A bunch of the station’s on air talent are heading over to Boston.com for a new venture. Sure, these outlets may not have the same reach as a commercial radio station, but what if they find a more engaged audience? What if they can connect with truly passionate music fans? Wouldn’t artists love that? Wouldn’t it be great to have the sounds of Garvy J. And The Secret Pockets Of Hope And Resistance heard by people who actually care? Let’s send their wall of layered guitars, dynamic bass lines, thunderous drums and vocal crooning directly to those who need it. Something needs to happen. It may all fail spectacularly, but that’s a worry for another night. I’m too busy watching Garvy J. rip another crazy-distorto solo on his 12-string acoustic guitar.

What if it all works out? Maybe it already has.

Parlour Bells @ Paradise Rock Club 6.30.2012

On Friday I told you why Parlour Bells was a great choice to kick off the We Want The Airwaves: A WFNX Tribute event at The Paradise. On Saturday they proved me right. This crowd wasn’t going to settle for melancholy and self-pity. They wanted a reason to be hopeful. They wanted to be delighted. They wanted to be entertained. They wanted all of this. Parlour Bells delivered.