John Powhida @ Moe’s Lounge 3.10.2012

John Powhida is a natural born entertainer. I don’t know which I enjoyed more: listening to the laid back solo version of “Daddy’s The Man” or learning the awful/hilarious story that inspired the song.* Win-win.

* Awfully hilarious?

Tom Baker @ Moe’s Lounge 3.10.2012

Tom Baker is a pretty great songwriter. He knows rock n’ roll. It was cool to hear stripped-down takes on some of my favorite Dirty Truckers tunes.

Evan Shore also knows rock n’ roll. When he joined Baker for some choice covers (including kick-ass takes on Elvis Costello and The Knack), there was no way it wasn’t going to be fun.

Tad Overbaugh @ Moe’s Lounge 3.10.2012

Tad Overbaugh is the mastermind behind the new Nights In The Round series at Moe’s Lounge. Tad’s songs work great in this stripped down format. Bruce Freisinger joined him, adding some sweet harmonies and fantastic Telecastering.

Jay Allen @ Moe’s Lounge 3.10.2012

Jay Allen was another performer at Nights In The Round #1. Without the Archcriminals backing him up, Jay comes off as a kind of punk rock balladeer with a knack for self-deprecating humor.

Scott Ricciuti @ Moe’s Lounge 3.10.2012

Scott Ricciuti and Jeff Burch (of Scott Ricciuti & Pistol Whipped) brought their roots music and murder ballads down into Radio’s basement for Nights In The Round #1. This new series finds a handful of performers trading off three song mini-sets all night. It’s going to be a recurring thing at Moe’s Lounge. Check it out.