The Sheila Divine @ Harvard Square Mayfair 5.3.2015

Sometimes you hang out in Harvard Square on a beautiful day and watch bands with your 8-year-old son. Sometimes that boy gets tired. Sometimes you strike a deal with him* to hang out for just two songs from one of your favorite bands. Sometimes, as you’re walking to the T with your little buddy after those two songs, he decides he wants to stick around a little longer and you end up getting to watch a good chunk of The Sheila Divine’s set before everyone goes home happy. Sometimes you have really good days.

* Bribe him with pizza.

The Sheila Divine @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 9.13.2013

I’ve seen a lot of great shows at TT’s over the years. This here Friday night of the club’s 40th Anniversary week has been another to remember. What a ridiculous lineup. Who could possibly close out a night that has already seen killer sets by The Gravel Pit, Sidewalk Driver, The Field Effect, Emergency Music, Corin Ashley and Kenny Chambers? What’s that? They’ve got The Sheila Divine coming up next? You can’t be serious. Really? Good golly. I just. This is. I… uh… yeah. Amazing.

The Walls @ The Middle East Downstairs 9.8.2012

People were excited about The Walls for a lot of reasons. For me it was one: guitarmony.

You see, Thin Lizzy came on the radio during my morning car ride into Central Square (to shoot some of the One Night Band promo photos). With “Cowboy Song” stuck in my head, I struck up a conversation with Adam Andersen about my hope that one of the bands about to be formed would try to pull off harmonized guitar lines during One Night Band 4. Lucky me, The Walls did just that. Now, I’m not trying to take credit for this joyous turn of events,* but this was my favorite part of their stellar set. It was either that or Aaron Perrino and Mariam Saleh’s awesome vocals. Or maybe Kyle Rasmussen’s kinetic drumming. Or the way Aaron, Adam, Mariam and the ever-versatile Rafi Sofer wove their stringed instruments into a textured sonic fabric.

Hmmm. It was one of those things, anyway.

* I totally am.