Get your eyeballs ready. Here are some sweet videos.

Howdy folks! I don’t know what they’ve been putting in the water around here lately, but people have been making some really sweet videos lately. I won’t bore you with words when there’s watchin’ to be done. Here are a six of my recent favorites from Air Traffic Controller, Midriffs, Eldridge Rodriguez, Brian Carpenter & The Confessions, Petty Morals and Psychic Dog. Get your eyeballs ready.

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Space Cranes – Merrily On High (2014)

space cranes merrily on high
Space Cranes
Merrily On High

Let Space Cranes take you on an eclectic, electro-retro journey this holiday season. This dynamic duo and friends are back with another collection of mostly instrumental musical cheer. My favorite? I’ll take the samba-ized version of “Jingle Bell Rock” appropriately renamed, you guessed it, “Jingle Bell Samba.”

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Secret Lover – “Waffle House Christmas Baby” (2014)

Secret Lover Waffle House Christmas Baby
Secret Lover
“Waffle House Christmas Baby”

Secret Lover’s “Waffle House Christmas Baby” feels like a long-lost classic, with achingly, heart-breakingly perfect vocals shining bright through a blizzard of reverb, sleigh bells and rattling guitars. It’s essentially a depressing country tune played with the soul of early rock ‘n’ roll. Set at Christmastime. At a Waffle House. All holiday songs should be this good.

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David Jackel – “Time Keeps Slipping Away” (2015)

david jackel time keeps slipping away
David Jackel
“Time Keeps Slipping Away”

David Jackel’s first proper single is a heady mix of ’80s new wave and neo-psychodelia. The Daily Pravda frontman serves up a harmony-happy, reverb-drenched number layered in jangling guitars, stringy synths and swirling effects. It’s a sound you can get lost in. He says there’s more coming. I’m waiting…

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Ringtail – “Mask Of Bees” (2015)

Ringtail Mask Of Bees
“Mask Of Bees”

Frenetic drumming, staccato guitar rhythms and a rippin’ guitar solo make for a spirited first single from Ringtail. There are shades of Mission of Burma on this post-punk nugget. The band balances the biting bits with and reigned-in verses and tastefully chosen effects. “Mask Of Bees” is a promising debut.

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