Black Friday is still terrible. Supporting local art isn’t.


It’s Black Friday. Black Friday is still terrible. Supporting local art isn’t. Here’s a quick list of alternative ways to spend your hard earned dollars than fighting crowds at the chain stores.

If you do go out to the stores today, think about keeping it local. Oh, and pick up something for Anngelle Wood’s Spectacular Gift Drive for DCF Kids Fund.

Worshipper – “Place Beyond the Light” b/w “Step Behind” (2015)

worshipper place beyond the light
“Place Beyond the Light” b/w “Step Behind”

Two more tunes from Worshipper? Yes, please. I won’t hide my love for this band. They play a kind of no-frills metal that emphasizes riffs, groove and melody over all out heaviness. Take a listen to “Place Beyond the Light.” The hook is soooo good. “Into the night / I will carry you / To the place beyond the light!”* It’s classic metal reborn. It’s powerful. The raw and muscular “Step Behind” comes next. Half way through, Worshipper build a majestic cathedral from whence they deliver the most ferocious guitar solo they’ve conjured yet. Save us.

Where to get it:

*Note: It’s hard typing lyrics while you’re throwing horns and singing along.

Worshipper – “Black Corridor” b/w “High Above the Clouds” (2015)

Worshipper black corridor high above the clouds
“Black Corridor” b/w “High Above the Clouds”

This… I mean… Come on! How can a band’s first pair of singles be this good? Oh, Worshipper is John Brookhouse, Dave Jarvis, Bob Maloney and Alejandro Necochea? Well, there you go. “Black Corridor” and “High Above the Clouds” are a pair of towering tributes laid upon the alter of the metal gods. The riffs smoke. The rhythm section destroys. The tunes are timeless. The performances are inspired. This is everything I want from metal in 2015, which is pretty much all I’ve wanted from any metal ever. Go figure.

Where to get it:

Worshipper @ The Sinclair 1.17.2015

And then there was Worshipper. There are stories from the time before they awoke. Hollow stories. Tales of emptiness and woe. No more! For having witnessed this glorious beast displaying its fiery plumage on stage at The Sinclair, I am here to tell you that the darkness comes. It wields a mighty riff and rides a thunderous groove. Prepare yourselves. It is wonderful.