Mötörböat @ The Middle East Downstairs 9.8.2012

Last year, One Night Band 2 alumni Bedss came out to shut down One Night Band 3 with a drunken rousing rendition of “Cum On Feel The Noize.” This year, the drunken rowdy sing-along tradition continued. Mötörböat rocked the hell out at last year’s event. They returned to the scene of the crime to close out the 4th edition of this treasured Boston institution. Mötörböat tore through a couple of their original tunes like they had firecrackers in their pants. Then a cast of thousands* got up on stage to end the night with a drunken spirited cover of “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

* OK, a cast of tens. This included One Night Band participants past and present, organizers and, well, just about anyone else who wanted to jump on stage.

Caress @ The Middle East Downstairs 9.8.2012

Sir Vix-A-Lot wasn’t the only gender-homogenous act of One Night Band 4. When the ladies were done, it was up to the gentlemen in Caress (Jay Allen, Matt Parish, Nate Rogers, Todd Sampson and Will Dailey) to pump up the volume. They made Christian Slater proud.

Jay Allen @ Moe’s Lounge 3.10.2012

Jay Allen was another performer at Nights In The Round #1. Without the Archcriminals backing him up, Jay comes off as a kind of punk rock balladeer with a knack for self-deprecating humor.