Devil On Horseback @ Great Scott 6.2.2012

Devil On Horseback released a new 7″ at Great Scott with a set of space-fuzz-infused-riff-heavy-buzz-o-matic rock ‘n’ roll. Yeah, that sounds about right.

Devil On Horseback @ Radio 12.17.2011

I can only assume that someone will be by shortly to take names. Asses were certainly kicked. Devil On Horseback fired off riff after riff into the Radio crowd. These guys are good.

Devil On Horseback @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 11.18.2011

This is my first time seeing Devil On Horseback since they were reborn from the ghost of Auto Interiors. Despite the band member carryover, it truly does sound like a new band. These guys know they have a good slot on a great bill and are making the most of it, winning over a significant portion of the growing crowd along the way.

I run into singer/guitarist Eric Waxwood at Radio the next night (more on that show later) and tell him how impressed I am with their transformation. He notes that even though they’ve played a few shows under the new name, Friday night at TT’s was the first time it truly felt like a Devil On Horseback show.

Metamorphosis complete.