The Rationales @ Cuisine en Locale 9.4.2015

Here are four things The Rationales had me thinking about after their recent set at Cuisine en Locale:

  • Just because everyone always says it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t say it more: The Rationales have some fantastic songs.
  • Dave Mirabella commenting that bandmate Chad Raleigh dressed as Han Solo AND Chewbacca was the best of the many Star Wars references in the ballroom that evening.
  • The Rationales covered a Wilco song for the first time!* Picking my favorite, “I’m Always In Love,” was a wise decision.
  • Speaking of decisions, sometimes bad ones are good ones. Just look at the “Drunk!” crowd-participation backing vocals encouraged on “Drunk All The Time.” Terrible decision. Wonderful outcome.

* Shocking!

The Rudds @ The Rosebud Bar 3.18.2011

What better band to close out Aimee McGrath’s birthday celebration at The Rosebud than The Rudds? This was a fun way to end the night.