The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library @ PorchFest 5.18.2013

PorchFest! What a beautiful day to head into Somerville and listen to bands play out-of-doors. Big Little One and I jumped in the car after his swimming lesson* to catch some songs from The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. We camped out on the sidewalk and enjoyed the ample sunshine and harmonies. As we walked away, Big Little One informed me that he had enjoyed himself.

“I like the way they sound. They sound the best.”

* There may have been a quick stop for a donut on the way.

Darling Pet Munkee @ Brighton Music Hall 10.31.2012

Darling Pet Munkee released their new EP, You Better Believe It!, on Halloween. That seems appropriate, doesn’t it? The band celebrated with a show at Brighton Music Hall that showcased their comic-book-ad-inspired-sonic-freakout sound. My only complaint? They should have turned up Bonesy Darling’s backing vocals.

The Flying Blue Squirrels – Ancient Alien Squirrels In Space (2012)

The Flying Blue Squirrels
Ancient Alien Squirrels In Space

Talk about timely releases. I had to write about this one straight away.

The Flying Blue Squirrels (Eric Baird, Mary Bichner, Randy Creasi, Jessica Sun Lee and Cathy Capozzi) formed at last year’s One Night Band.* They blew me away. I couldn’t believe they came into existence a mere few hours before performing their set at the Middle East that night. Listen to “Crossed On The Wire” and tell me it isn’t crazy good. The Flying Blue Squirrels have created an aggressive indie rocker that bristles with energy. Now remember that they wrote that song and two others in one day. And learned a cover. Oh, and as of 10 o’clock that morning they had never played together before and didn’t even know they were a band.

The rest of this Ancient Alien Squirrels In Space is a fun romp of creative guitar work, grooving bass lines, twinkling keys and non-novelty flute.** Pick it up as a reminder of the inspired, spontaneous collaborations that can come out One Night Band. Then come on out to the Middle East Downstairs on Saturday night and witness it all first hand. Here’s another reason to snag this one right away: One of The Flying Blue Squirrels lost her home in the Columbia House Fire, so if you download this EP before September 10th the band is donating the proceeds to the ‘House on Fire Fund.’ Get on that.

Where to get it:

* I took their promo photo that morning! So much fun. More on this year’s One Night Band coming soon!

** Seriously, it’s hard to use flute in rock music and not have it sound like a gimmick, but The Flying Blue Squirrels pull it off.

Darling Pet Munkee @ Radio 7.7.2012

Darling Pet Munkee draw their inspiration from the ads in the back of old comic books. They wear skeleton costumes and X-Ray Specs. They’ve got to be one of the geekiest bands around. That’s what makes them so fun.