Aloud – “Darkest Days” (2015 Remix)

Aloud Darkest Days Remix
“Darkest Days”
2015 Remix

Sometimes as an artist you revisit your work. It’s natural to re-evaluate what you’ve created with the passage of time and experience. When this exercise goes poorly, you end up with Greedo shooting first. When it goes well, you get the 2015 remix of “Darkest Days.”

Prompted by the 5th anniversary of its original release and the continued evolution of the socio-political environment that spawned the song, Aloud remixed their moving anthem with new perspective. Click on through and you can read about the origins of the song and watch a short video where Jen and Henry talk about what “Darkest Days” means to them. Or just give the refreshed tune a listen and take its message to heart. You can’t miss it. It’s right there in those glorious opening harmonies.

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