Worshipper – “Place Beyond the Light” b/w “Step Behind” (2015)

worshipper place beyond the light
“Place Beyond the Light” b/w “Step Behind”

Two more tunes from Worshipper? Yes, please. I won’t hide my love for this band. They play a kind of no-frills metal that emphasizes riffs, groove and melody over all out heaviness. Take a listen to “Place Beyond the Light.” The hook is soooo good. “Into the night / I will carry you / To the place beyond the light!”* It’s classic metal reborn. It’s powerful. The raw and muscular “Step Behind” comes next. Half way through, Worshipper build a majestic cathedral from whence they deliver the most ferocious guitar solo they’ve conjured yet. Save us.

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*Note: It’s hard typing lyrics while you’re throwing horns and singing along.