Parks – “Modern Fiction” (2013)

parks - modern fiction
“Modern Fiction”

I have a history of thinking that there’s no way songwriter Brian E. King can top himself.* You’d think Parks’ debut single, “Sweater Weather”, would have taught me a lesson. I still had doubts. “Modern Fiction” should dispel that notion for good. I was pleasantly nodding along to the song’s vintage groove, particularly the “going crazy” part, when 2:35 happened. From that point on, “Modern Fiction” turns into a systematic dressing down of anyone who thinks that they know how to write a song. It’s masterful. The bridge perfectly contrasts with the parts that precede it before morphing into Super-Mega-Awesome-Reprise-O-Tron. Mind blown. I will doubt no more.

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* Which, not coincidentally, means I also have a history of being wrong.

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