The Sour Doo-Dahs – Blood Drive EP (2011)

The Sour Doo-Dahs
Blood Drive EP

Blood Drive EP plays out like the soundtrack to some ’70s revenge flick. Open with a beat up old jalopy kicking up some desert dust as a scorpion draws the camera’s focus. Cut to the car’s interior where The Sour Doo-Dahs are blasting away on the radio. “It might not be a bad idea to get the hell out of here.” “The Hellout” is a fuzzed out garage/desert/punk jam of B movie proportions. It’s all rusted steel, gasoline fumes and tumbleweeds. “You” and “T.O.A.D.” round out the three song EP sounding like Nirvana on bad tequila and sunstroke. Sometimes that’s what it takes to be the last one standing when the credits roll.

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