The Future Everybody @ The Rosebud Bar 6.17.2011

The Future Everybody opened up another fine show at The Rosebud.* Turns out their guitar based power pop with keyboard icing goes well with just about anything.

*In this case “another fine show” refers to both The Future Everybody playing first on another great bill (as they did here and here) and yet another great night at The Rosebud (like this one or this one). We’re spoiled here in Boston. You know that, right?

The Future Everybody @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 5.27.2011

In the future, everybody will go to TT’s and listen to catchy sets of power pop. Even if the band goes on first. And it’s a holiday weekend. And there’s a big sporting event going on. And there’s an almost five year old that will probably wake everybody in the house up at five o’clock in the morning.

For me, the future is now. Or, more precisely, the future was this past Friday.

And now, some pictures of The Future Everybody…

Static Of The Gods @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 5.20.2011

The sound reverberates for a moment within the walls of TT’s before being absorbed by the mass of people huddled before the stage. Can they feel it? The sound? The moment?

This is a celebration for the release of Static Of The God’s new EP, The Midnight Fires. There are a full range of emotions on display tonight. There is certainly the mutual appreciation between band and audience, but there’s something heavy in the air, as well. It all comes out in the performance. Music as therapy. A weight lifted. Beat beat beat.