Sidewalk Driver @ The Sinclair 8.28.2015

I have taken thousands of photos of Sidewalk Driver. With any luck, there will be thousands more. I will fill hard drives with terabytes of glittery pixels in my quest to take a photo that captures the magnificence and wonder of being at a Sidewalk Driver show. It’s a goal I know I’m not likely to ever achieve. I’ve shared my failures here. Sometimes the unattainable is still worth pursuing.

Also, Tad with no pants…

Ruby Rose Fox @ The Sinclair 8.28.2015

I’m not really sure which words to use to describe Ruby Rose Fox that won’t sell her talents short. She’s a world class singer and performer with a crack backing band. Their Sinclair set was mesmerizing. Ruby Rose Fox can already hold an audience in the palm of her hand, yet it still feels like she’s just getting warmed up. I can’t wait to see where this goes.