This is our last dance.

I’ve got nothin’ today. How about some photos of The Field Effect, Tad McKitterick, Parlour Bells, Gene Dante and The Lights Out covering David Bowie? I know I have more (Sidewalk Driver, The Daily Pravda), but I’m too busy listening to “Life On Mars” to look right now.




Sidewalk Driver @ Lawn On D 9.18.2015

Dear Science,

Lawn On D is a magical place. I need an easier way to get there. Please perfect teleportation. Thank you. Also, Sidewalk Driver is pretty great. My whole family loves them. Thankfully, the naughty bits from their songs went right over our boys’ heads. Is there some way to ensure that they* never grow up and understand what “Five Steps” is about? I don’t think I’m ready for that. Also, also, an invisibility cloak would be pretty rad.


*Our boys, not Sidewalk Driver.

Sidewalk Driver @ The Sinclair 8.28.2015

I have taken thousands of photos of Sidewalk Driver. With any luck, there will be thousands more. I will fill hard drives with terabytes of glittery pixels in my quest to take a photo that captures the magnificence and wonder of being at a Sidewalk Driver show. It’s a goal I know I’m not likely to ever achieve. I’ve shared my failures here. Sometimes the unattainable is still worth pursuing.

Also, Tad with no pants…

Sidewalk Driver @ The Sinclair 1.17.2015

Jed Gottlieb over at the Herald nailed it when he wrote “Sidewalk Driver eliminate the psychic space between audience and band with self-deprecating humor, simple love songs and humility.” Through all of the off-beat anthems and confetti bombast, Sidewalk Driver prove the heart of a really great show is having fun and sharing that fun with the sold out crowd that packed The Sinclair to see if this show can be even better than the last. It can. It was. I love this band.