Tad & Kate @ Moe’s Lounge 2.10.2012

So much good music at Radio this past Friday night! Quality tunes upstairs and down all night long. I shot down to Moe’s Lounge after Reverse’s amazing set just in time to catch Tad & Kate doing their thing as part of Keith Pierce’s new series, Practice. Keith even jumped behind the kit for a couple of tunes. His Mellow Bravo band mate, Seager Tennis, followed suit on bass. This is pretty cool. I want more!

Tad & Kate @ Moe’s Lounge 1.6.2012

Tad and Kate. Kate and Tad. Hearing those two names together makes me happy. I think about plane crashes and the world coming to an end. I think about hobos, bad presents, karaoke and being kidnapped. I think about all of these things and I smile. It’s some kind of Pavlovian response. I’ve become so accustomed to being entertained by this duo that I just can’t help myself. At least I don’t drool.

Tad & Kate – “Bad Presents” (2011)

Tad & Kate
“Bad Presents”

Like some demented version of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas”, Tad & Kate bring you “Bad Presents”. Rogue Roombas, allergic reactions, over-sized turtleneck sweaters and the unfortunate outcome of a dog eating chocolate covered fruit-shaped flowers are not your typical holiday song fodder. Even so, any song with lines like “I don’t mean to sound naughty / But if I could stuff your stocking / With the heat that I feel when we touch” is bound to be a holiday classic.

Where to get it:

Tad & Kate @ Radio 11.3.2011

I want Tad & Kate to sing me to sleep so I will have beautiful dreams of hobos and fire raining down from the sky.

Tad & Kate @ The Rosebud Bar 8.25.2011

Meet Tad & Kate: Two huggable, lovable musicians that sing songs for the whole family in perfect two part harmony. You know, if your family is into songs about plane crashes, kidnapping, hobos, karaoke superstars and exhuming celebrity corpses. But then, whose isn’t?

Let’s face it, I knew this was going to be good before I even walked into The Rosebud. I’ve seen enough of Tad and Kate in Sidewalk Driver to know they weren’t going to half-ass this thing. They didn’t. It was great. I can’t wait to see them again. That’s it.