So Long, TT’s…

The time has come to say goodbye to T.T. The Bear’s Place. To say the club was important to me would be an understatement. I spent countless hours standing in front of bands in that room. Making friends. Being entertained. It’s funny to think there will be no new songs heard there. No new pictures taken. I’m left with a bunch of (mostly good) memories and 392 sets of photographs from the bands I’ve seen up on that stage since this site launched.

So long, TT’s. Here’s one photo from each of the times (in order) I was lucky enough to watch a band make music within your walls over the past four and a half years. This will likely be my last post about you. Well, at least until I start going back through all the pictures I took before this site went up…

This photo set is too big to display all of the thumbnails here. Click on Ad Frank to check it out on Flickr.


Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 7.22.2015

While I would see one more band before this beloved institution turned the lights out for the final time, Ad Frank And The Fast Easy Women would be my true goodbye to T.T. The Bear’s Place. I will forever link Ad Frank and TT’s in my mind. The first photo I ever had published was of Ad Frank on that stage. The Fast Easy Women’s farewell show was one of my all time favorite musical experiences. He was there when I first started started seeing bands play in front of that mural. He’s was there at the end. Goodnight, TT’s.