OldJack @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 1.23.2014

Last month I got to see OldJack and Cask Mouse on back to back nights at The Sinclair. This made me happy. Last week I got to see OldJack and Cask Mouse together at TT’s raising money for Revolution of Hope as part of a show organized by the good folks at Ryan’s Smashing Life and Boston Tweet. More happiness. This time around, OldJack played their new record in reverse order. These new songs are really starting to hit their stride in a live setting.

OldJack @ The Rosebud Bar 8.25.2011

Members of OldJack* closed out the release party for the new Nate Leavitt EP, Inference. Nate himself even got up and played a few songs with the band. To start their set, Dan Nicklin, Ryan Peters and Derek Feeney played several numbers that OldJack are currently working on in the studio. Then they busted out some familiar favorites with a few of their past collaborators. Ryan Spaulding, of Ryan’s Smashing Life, even got in on the action. It was loose, fun and a fitting way to end the night.

* I wont lie. I debated long and hard about what to title this post. Calling this an “OldJack” show isn’t completely accurate, despite members of the band doing songs by the band. However, “Dan Nicklin, Ryan Peters, Derek Feeney (For The Majority Of The Time) And Assorted Former OldJack Collaborators @ The Rosebud 8.25.2011” seemed a bit obnoxious.