Roy Sludge Trio @ Lexington Battle Green BBQ Festival 5.16.2015

There was a lot going on this past weekend. I had dreams of catching a whole bunch of bands at HarpoonFest. I hoped to wander the streets of Somerville taking in the sounds of Porchfest. Neither one panned out. Thankfully, I did make it out to the Lexington Battle Green BBQ Festival to see Roy Sludge. At least I picked a good one. Roy Sludge is a national treasure.

Also, one of these photos was taken by a six year old. I’m not sayin’ which one.

Roy Sludge Trio @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 6.13.2013

The Viva La Eva! benefit went down at TT’s last Thursday night. It was all part of the grand ol’ Boston tradition of coming together for someone in need (for more info on Eva’s situation, including how you can donate, you can check out this Facebook event). There was a lot of great music happening for a great cause, like a wonderful set of Sun Records sounds from Roy Sludge, Jim Haggerty and Duke Levine…

Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery – Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery (2013)

jennt dee several men of mystery
Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery
Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery

Three country tunes from Jenny Dee and some of her very talented friends?* Yes, please. Opening track “You Had It All” is a duet with Roy Sludge. I’m pretty sure I knew this one was going to be great before I even heard it.** “Never” has suitably weary and worn backing vocals from Bill Janovitz and Chris Toppin. It’s always a treat when those two team up. Also, I’m a sucker for a weepy lapsteel. The EP closes with Jenny Dee & Several Men Of Mystery tearing it up on “Looking For Clues.” Jenny notes that this song is a reworked tune from her gig with The Downbeat Five. Given the song’s fiery nature, it’s certainly not hard to believe. The band really cuts loose here. Sometimes sad songs can make you happy.

Where to get it:

* Duke Levine, Bill Janovitz, Chris Toppin, Ed Valauskas, Tom Arey, Roy Sludge, Matt Pynn, and Ben Zecker? Good, Lord. Even Eric Salt gets in on the action, playing the tambourine on “Looking For Clues.”

** It is.

Roy Sludge Trio @ Radio 4.28.2013

Sunday was a good day. After bumming around Boston all day with the family, Big Little One and I headed over to Radio to catch some of Roy Sludge’s set. Little did we know we were stepping into Electric Sludgeland. Roy was on electric guitar* and Judd Williams joined on drums. Jim Haggerty even set down his upright in favor of a bass guitar on a few numbers. Pretty cool. This day was full of welcome surprises.

* Very ably, mind you, despite numerous references to “meat hooks.”

Roy Sludge Trio @ Radio 1.6.2013

Ever since our Christmas Eve Eve outing to Radio, Big Little One has been asking to go see Roy Sludge again. On Sunday we did just that. He even took some pictures, mostly of shoes. The photo of Roy’s shoes in the set is one of his. I wouldn’t object if going to listen to some Sun Records throwback sounds became a regular thing for us.